DAVID GARRETT’s Balboa Theatre Show Review

March 26, 2010

March 9, 2010

German-American violinist David Garrett played an impressive show at downtown San Diego’s Balboa Theatre.

I first heard of German-American violinist David Garrett a few years ago, after he made worldwide headlines for falling down a concrete flight of stairs after a holiday concert in London. Thankfully he was uninjured, minus a few scrapes and bruises. His violin, however, was not. He landed on his violin case and when he opened it, his Guadagnini, crafted in 1772, lie in pieces. He pronounced it “a mess.”

The prescription? Eight months in the repair shop, but Garrett needed his violin back sooner than that. He had another concert date in London, on Valentine’s Day. In a too-good-to-be-true twist of fate, Garrett received a Stradivarius to play days before the show, flown in special from Milan. He has played a 1710 Stradivarius ever since.