THE CANADIAN TENORS – “Live At The Royal Conservatory Of Music In Toronto” Promo

Sporting an eclectic blend of classical and contemporary pop that thrills audiences of all ages, The Canadian Tenors come together for their first Public Television special, The Canadian Tenors – Live in Toronto. Special guests David Foster and Sarah McLachlan join The Canadian Tenors on stage for this HD special, taped at the Royal Conservatory in Toronto, November 2009. The Canadian Tenors feature the incredibly powerful voices of four gifted young men with diverse styles, undeniable charm and international solo success: Fraser, Victor, Remigio and Clifton. They have crisscrossed the globe thrilling millions of music lovers with their magical voices, wonderful sense of humor, and memorable music. Now they bring their magic to PBS. This special is produced by Fogo Films in Association with International Media.


2 Responses to THE CANADIAN TENORS – “Live At The Royal Conservatory Of Music In Toronto” Promo

  1. Joan Altmann says:

    When do the tickets go on sale for The Canadian Tenors at the Royal Conservatory of Music?

    Where can I purchase tickets?



  2. Noel Ebbitt says:

    First pianist was brilliant. David Foster we can do without. He continues taking credit with every one elses talent.

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