16-year-old NIKKI YANOFSKY: “no nerves, just talent”

May 18, 2010

New York (CNN) — When 16-year-old Nikki Yanofsky stepped on stage to sing the Canadian national anthem at the opening ceremony for the 2010 Winter Olympics, her nerves did a curious thing: They vanished. “I never get nervous and I was so nervous for that one,” she says. “But I walked out and all my nerves went away. That’s how I knew that [performing] is really what I’m supposed to be doing.”

Sure, not every burgeoning singer gets the chance to gauge whether she’s chosen the right career path by belting out a number in front of a captive worldwide audience. But this jazz-inspired Montreal, Quebec, native has never had a problem with shooting for the moon. “My dad always says you can’t be king unless you believe you can be king. So first I had to believe — I can be a singer. Now I’m trying to chase it.” (read more)



May 17, 2010

NIKKI YANOFSKY featured in The New York Times – “Young Singer Just Wants to Act Her Age”

May 11, 2010

NIKKI YANOFSKY was up early, and already on. “Mee-ee-ee-ee,” she sang one morning last month, warming up in a tiny dressing room of a Manhattan television studio. A makeup artist leaned in to apply some last-minute touches, and she paused, eyeing her reflection. “You know how everyone says, ‘I’m a morning person,’ or ‘I’m a night person’?” she chirped. “I’m just a person.” Her parents, seated on either side of her, smiled. Ms. Yanofsky, a 16-year-old jazz-pop singer from Montreal, was about to perform on WPIX’s “Morning News one of three such appearances that day. With her small frame, delicate features and bright-eyed demeanor, she seemed even younger than her years, but also like a seasoned professional. She wore a black blazer over a white T-shirt and leather pants, crediting the look to Dsquared2, the same designers who put her in a red silk-crepe cocktail dress for the opening ceremony of the 2010 Winter Olympics. It was her prepossessing turn on that global stage, belting a dramatically embellished “O Canada,” that effectively served as her debutante ball. (She was also the voice behind the Vancouver Games’ theme song, “I Believe.” )

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JOHN GRAY featured on “Coast To Coast”

May 5, 2010

JOHN GRAY was featured on “Coast To Coast” Radio! Expert in the fields of communication and relationships, Gray discussed how the differences between the sexes are biochemically based and can be explained by our hormones. Check out this link to listen to the interview!