Opera has a new star! Meet NIKOLAI BASKOV and let him take you on a ROMANTIC JOURNEY…

Nikolai Baskov: ROMANTIC JOURNEY features international star, 34-year-old Russian tenor, Nikolai Baskov. This legendary concert performance takes place at Moscow’s Hall of the Luzhniki Arena. Baskov is accompanied by a full orchestra and plays to an enthusiastic crowd of nearly 10,000 people. Taped with 24 HD cameras, this is Russia’s most elaborate and expensive performance ever recorded for international television. He performs classic pieces from “Tosca”, “La Boheme”, “Werther”, “Turandot” and other favorites such as “Be My Love”, “Granada” and “Back to Sorrento”. Baskov is joined by world-renowned soprano, Caballe Montserrat, and her daughter Marti, for several rousing duets. Considered Russia’s most popular tenor, Nicolai Baskov has been charming audiences throughout Europe and is planning his first American tour in early 2012.


3 Responses to Opera has a new star! Meet NIKOLAI BASKOV and let him take you on a ROMANTIC JOURNEY…

  1. angelika says:

    Nikolai Baskov is one of the best tenors ever.

  2. jude says:

    Nikolai sings from the heart and reaches all who can respond with tender and passionate feelings. I hope he continues to sing opera around the world.

  3. Dumitru Gh. says:

    Nikolai Baskov este un tenor minunat. Este inteligent, generos si apropiat de public. Dumnezeu sa-l aiba in grija !

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