WLRN Remembers Robin Gibb

May 29, 2012

Words by WLRN’s Meredith Porte

That’s our own  Exec Producer Gustavo Sagastume in the far left! 

I have been remembering the many ways that Robin Gibb supported WLRN over the years. I had produced a national pledge special called Making Your Dreams Come True with the Creator of the Chicken Soup for the Soul Books Jack Canfield.  This show was produced 15 years ago in the WLRN Television Studios. Robin and Dwina Gibb hosted the premiere party for the program. Our former General Manager Gustavo Sagastume is also in the above photo along with Jack Canfield. Dwina Gibb has blonde hair and is wearing the black jacket.

Images and Voices of Hope also had its very first Miami conversation 13 years ago in the WLRN Studios. Over 100 of  Miami’s leading  broadcast, and print journalists along with  community leaders  participated in this conversation whose theme was about the power of the media to bring benefit to the world. Robin Gibb spoke at our event about  the significance of the words he chose when writing his music.  His son Robin John performed with his rap group at that event as well.

He will be sorely missed by many, and I will forever treasure the fact that I got to work with him.

THE FAB4 Sizzle Reel

May 29, 2012

Our own Exec-Producer Carole Myers Featured On CelebityDialogue.com

April 2, 2012

Our own Carole Myers, executive producer of shows such as “CLANNAD LIVE AT CHRIST CHURCH CATHEDRAL, DUBLIN” and “JOHN GRAY: VENUS ON FIRE, MARS ON ICE”, was featured on CelebityDialogue.com. Congrats, Carole!

Carole Myers is a producer and media executive. She is the Executive Producer at International Media Partners and President at World Media Partners.Carole develops branded media and entertainment properties with partners around the world, from idea through distribution that includes marketing and public relations for high profile projects. (read more)

CLANNAD featured in the Irish Echo newspaper

March 15, 2012


Opera has a new star! Meet NIKOLAI BASKOV and let him take you on a ROMANTIC JOURNEY…

May 20, 2011

Nikolai Baskov: ROMANTIC JOURNEY features international star, 34-year-old Russian tenor, Nikolai Baskov. This legendary concert performance takes place at Moscow’s Hall of the Luzhniki Arena. Baskov is accompanied by a full orchestra and plays to an enthusiastic crowd of nearly 10,000 people. Taped with 24 HD cameras, this is Russia’s most elaborate and expensive performance ever recorded for international television. He performs classic pieces from “Tosca”, “La Boheme”, “Werther”, “Turandot” and other favorites such as “Be My Love”, “Granada” and “Back to Sorrento”. Baskov is joined by world-renowned soprano, Caballe Montserrat, and her daughter Marti, for several rousing duets. Considered Russia’s most popular tenor, Nicolai Baskov has been charming audiences throughout Europe and is planning his first American tour in early 2012.

You can’t have too much of a good thing: DAVID GARRETT: “Rock Symphonies II” Is Coming!

May 12, 2011

The third time’s the charm… not that David Garrett was not charming enough already! Picking up with mesmerizing performances not seen in the first “Rock Symphonies”, David Garrett returns once again to PBS in his third special: “Rock Symphonies II”, an all-new 40 minute concert special, and 60 minute pledge event with David Garrett and Laura Savini, shot before a sold out audience of 18,000 at Berlin’s open-air Wuhlheide Theater.

In this stunning performance for all ages, David weaves classical standards like Vivaldi’s, Brahm’s and Dvorak’s works with hits from the likes of Tom Fogerty, Guns N’ Roses, Metallica and Nirvana. This is the virtuoso violinist’s third PBS special, following his second highly successful U.S. tour, and performances on Oprah, E! News, and Fox & Friends. He also recently appeared on the ABC ratings giant Dancing With the Stars!

For more info: http://intl-media.com/

“GIRLS FROM THE NORTH COUNTRY” Duo DALA featured in Boston Globe

June 4, 2010

At first glance, it’s hard to see what connects the dizzyingly diverse acts at Sunday’s Boston Music Festival on the UMass-Boston campus in Dorchester. The lineup merrily spans genres and generations, with ’60s superstar John Sebastian and hot young Canadian folk-popsters Dala; guitar legend David Bromberg and avant-folk songwriter Anais Mitchell; searing roots-rocker Les Sampou and Gandalf Murphy & the Slambovian Circus of Dreams, with their self-described “punk-classical-hillbilly-Floyd.’’ (read more)