JOHN GRAY interviewed in The Dr. Pat Show

July 1, 2010

Click on the image above to listen to Dr. John Gray discuss “VENUS ON FIRE, MARS ON ICE” with Dr. Pat!


JOHN GRAY’s Greatest Father’s Day Gift

June 18, 2010


Looking for the perfect Happy Fathers Day gift on June 20th? Mega-best selling author John Gray says Dad’s favorite gift is free, easy and as close as your heart. “More than anything, every father wants to feel like a hero and his wife can easily do that,” says John Gray, Ph.D., C.F.T.  “In front of the kids, tell your husband that he truly makes you happy and proud.  Write him a card and read it out loud.”

Dr. Gray explains that just by hearing those words, a man’s testosterone increases.  Testosterone is the hormone that provides stress relief and vitality for men. “He’ll feel like Brad Pitt and Will Smith, climb mountains and even clean the garage.  A confident Dad is a great Fathers Day gift for the whole family,” says Gray.

John Gray’s new book is a very popular Fathers Day gift for 2010.  “VENUS ON FIRE MARS ON ICE: Hormonal Balance—the Key to Life, Love, and Energy” (Amazon details small shifts in behavior, nutrition and communication that quickly make a difference in Mars and Venus by creating healthy hormones for balanced planets that restore passionate desire. By appreciating their differences, men and women increase energy, manage anxiety and achieve natural health, harmony and happiness at any age.   The book makes a unique gift.

John Gray revolutionized our view of gender differences with his book, “MEN ARE FROM MARS, WOMEN ARE FROM VENUS.”  His Mars-Venus series has sold over 50 million copies, making Gray the best selling relationship author in history, New York Times best selling author of the last decade, and a best selling author of all time.

Starring in a television special and DVD based on the book, “JOHN GRAY: VENUS ON FIRE, MARS ON ICE,” Gray acts out hilarious scenes between men and women, demonstrating communication techniques, super fitness exercise, super foods and super sleep that can enhance every relationship. Produced by International Media and Corazon Productions and presented by WLIW21, the show airs on PBS member stations throughout America  Local listings at

JOHN GRAY featured on “Coast To Coast”

May 5, 2010

JOHN GRAY was featured on “Coast To Coast” Radio! Expert in the fields of communication and relationships, Gray discussed how the differences between the sexes are biochemically based and can be explained by our hormones. Check out this link to listen to the interview!

“Men Are from Mars” Author JOHN GRAY Expands Relationship Research

March 10, 2010

BUFFALO (WNED) – It’s been 15 years since Dr. John Gray wrote his way to the top of the bestseller lists with “Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus.” His thoughts on marital relationships struck a chord with couples across America. The success allowed Gray to expand his work, which now offers physiological insights into the marital roles of men and women.

Dealing with stress, according to Gray, is a major obstacle to family harmony. He cites research focusing on “hormonal stress levels” which shows how men and women physically react to daily stress. Dr. John Gray will be in the WNED studios tonight for the airing of his latest project, “Venus on Fire, Mars on Ice,” at 8pm on WNED-TV.

WNED’s Jim Ranney discussed the project with Dr. Gray. Click here to hear that conversation.